funk, fusion, jazz, soul
pop, rock, ballad, latin
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using only with permission
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real music, real people
hand made music of musicians, who live music with their heart and soul. no easy  sampling of "ready to use files" and no "over-mastering" - every song is an authentic piece of the feeling and the thoughts, the wo/man had, creating this song.

we believe in real played instruments. for sure we are using synthesizers as well, but only in a creative way and not as an replacement for real instruments.
this is what we do
• composing
• song writing
• arrangements
• recording
• mastering
in our studio we´re using high tech software to build sound worlds with no effects overflow. the soul of music is most important and not the technique of any bits and bytes.

therefore the mastering is at highest and most reduced level, we can reach. maybe it´s not perfect all the time, but for sure, it is without hints and tricks.